Cali Comeback?

Dj Cali is looking to come out of retirement! The semi-famous former Disc Jockey turned to electric bikes sales to revitalize his income at the cost of giving up on his dreams to top the charts as a world renowned DJ. He claims his electric bicycle sales however, do top the charts, (with little to no competition). Though he still has some of his DJ equipment, that is what he hasn’t pawned off to fuel his other *hobbies, Cali has been unable to find work behind the turntables for years. And now that the often controversial Cali recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, there is some speculation. Most people believe that Cali is getting married for the right reasons while many think that the only reason he’s tying the knot is so he can make a comeback by DJ-ing his own wedding, which would be his biggest gig yet!


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